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Pinot Noir

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Buy Pinot Noir Wine Online in Australia

Earthy undertones, subtle floral aromas and notes of ripe red berries – these are the hallmarks of pinot noir, the beloved "heartbreak grape." At Cloudwine, we celebrate the diversity and elegance of this varietal in our curated collection of pinot noir red wine. 

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From classic single options to innovative blends with chardonnay, each bottle offers a unique expression of the grape's character. Whether you're seeking a velvety smooth pinot or a vibrant, fruit-forward option, Cloudwine offers a diverse range of pinot noir’s nuanced flavours in every sip.

Discover the Diversity of Our Pinot Noir Wine Selection

With its tantalising aromas and exceptional ageing potential, pinot noir is a wine that never fails to captivate. From the renowned vineyards of Burgundy in France to the lush valleys of Oregon in the United States, each region brings its own unique expression to our imported collection of pinot noir, resulting in wines that vary in style, character and terroir.

At Cloudwine, our pinot noir selection goes beyond the classic red. We also offer a range of chardonnay, shiraz and rosé wines that showcase the diversity within the pinot noir family. chardonnay offers crispness and elegance, while rosé brings a refreshing and vibrant profile. shiraz, on the other hand, presents a bolder and spicier expression. This wide range of options ensures that every palate can find its perfect match within our curated collection.

Enrich Your Meals With the Perfect Pinot Noir 

Pinot noir's versatility makes it a perfect match for a diverse range of dishes. Its light to medium-bodied profile and balanced acidity make it a great choice for pairing with poultry, while its earthy undertones complement dishes like mushroom risotto or grilled salmon. For a richer pairing, try it with a seared steak or a hearty mushroom pasta.

Savour these perfect Pinot Noir pairings with our wide range of options and convenient delivery across Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Explore our selection today and join our Wine Club for an exclusive and personalised selection of our red, white and sparkling wine offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical flavour profiles of pinot noir?

Typical flavour profiles of pinot noir at Cloudwine include red fruits such as cherry, raspberry and strawberry, along with earthy notes like mushroom and forest floor.

Which regions are famous for pinot noir at Cloudwine?

Cloudwine imports pinot noir from renowned regions such as Burgundy in France, Oregon in the United States and Central Otago in New Zealand. We also offer selections sourced within Australian regions, including the Yarra Valley and Tasmania. 

How does pinot noir differ by region at Cloudwine?

Pinot noir at Cloudwine displays diverse characteristics influenced by distinct regions. Burgundy's pinot noir red wine boasts delicate red fruit aromas and refined structure, while Oregon varieties exhibit bold fruit flavours and vibrant acidity. These variations arise from differences in climate, soil and winemaking techniques, offering wine enthusiasts a rich tapestry of flavours and styles to explore.

How should I serve and store pinot noir purchased from Cloudwine?

Serve pinot noir slightly chilled, around 12-15°C, in stemmed glasses to enhance its aromas and flavours. Store it in a cool, dark place with stable temperature and humidity.

What foods pair well with pinot noir from Cloudwine?

pinot noir pairs well with roasted poultry, grilled salmon, mushroom risotto and charcuterie platters. Its versatility allows it to complement both lighter and richer dishes.

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