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Organic Wines

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Compared to the sometimes vague nature of 'Natural Wines' the legitimacy of an 'Organic Wine' claim is much easier to assess

Why? Many markets globally have introduced legally recognizable and enforceable labeling laws around what constitutes an organic product.

Whilst laws and regulations differ from country to country there are some common themes for authentic organic wine (both grapes and production):

  • No Synthetic Fertilizers, Herbicides or Pesticides
  • No Added Sulfites

Wineries employing organic farming principles often adhere to grape growing and wine making practices that also happen to be closely aligned to most definitions of 'Natural Wines' These include:

  • minimal technology intervention for grape growing (e.g hand picking)
  • natural/native yeasts
  • no added acids
  • nil/low filtration

Biodynamic wines adheres to all organic criteria, plus the doctrines established by Rudolph Steinier, an Austrian philosopher and academic known for exploring the connection of science and spirituality. The principles, as they relate to grape growing, include:

  • Improving soil quality through crop rotation and allowing a diverse set of crops to grow within the vineyard to promote a more complex ecosystem
  • Planting, harvesting and pruning practices are determined by a specific calendar, taking into account both lunar cycles and the position of the sun and planets.


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