Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier 2017

Clonakilla is a big name that lives up to the hype and reputation.  Today we commence taking orders for one of Australia’s greatest Shiraz, the Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier. The vintage is 2017 and if it's true what critics are saying, then this will be one of the very best.   This wine rates on a world scale and as James Halliday once said about a previous vintage, "Put this in a blind tasting with top–end Cote-Rotie wines of the Rhone Valley and it would be a bargain, easily outpointing wines costing far more.”  There are 3 big wines in Australia - Grange, Hill of Grace and Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier but only the latter is priced anywhere near $100.  And already it's getting the big scores from the big names:

98 points – Nick Stock - "One of the greatest vintages of this wine."
96 points - Campbell Mattinson - "Australian Grand Cru Shiraz."
96 points - Tyson Stelzer -  "It's set to go down as a long-lived Clonakilla"

Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier, despite the $104 price tag, is perhaps the most affordable of the big, iconic wines in Australia and this is perhaps the best wine they've ever produced.  If your cellar needs a special wine, then look no further and consider Clonakilla.  If you drink this is 10 years time, you'll be kicking yourself you didn't buy more.

"One of the greatest vintages of this wine. It has a super complex array of white and black peppers, hard brown spices, leaves, flowers and fresh wet earth, as well as graphite-like dark stony notes.

The palate is immaculately detailed, long and silky with flavors of blackberries, red cherries, red plums, dark cherries, blackberries and dark chocolate.  The palate is delivered with steady elegance and power, showing unwavering build and a seemingly never-ending trail of fresh and spicy fruit flavors. With the most immaculate tannins, too.  The real soul of this wine shines through in this perfectly simpatico vintage. Fascinating to drink now, but it is best to give it some time. Try around 2025."  Nick Stock -

"Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier. Australian Grand Cru Shiraz.  It has both lightness and power; it has wooden racks of spice set into deep cupboards of black cherry; it has anise; it has forest berries, it has florals and it has meat, though all of it sits in the one, neat, tidy room. Tannin is so fine and so bright with spice that it sits like gold thread in an evening gown. It’s a wine of shadows and a wine of light; of shadow and of joy. Pour a glass and behold its beauty, for it is rich in that. Rating: 96."  Campbell Mattinson.  The Winefront.

"A gloriously fragrant and elegant Clonakilla is the blessing of a classic cool year, brimming with rose petal and pot pourri. A delightful core of morello cherry and wild strawberry fruit glides seamlessly through a lingering trail of powder-fine tannins. It's set to go down as a long-lived Clonakilla.  Rating: 96 points."  Tyson Stelzer